week 2. 


i am a little behind here…week two actually ended a week ago (or so… )

post little surgical procedure i maybe pushed things a bit but M. and I headed to Queens for a pair of Dead & Co shows at Citifield… looking forward to two at Fenway and a little road trip with her next week!

This past week saw a little recovery and wrap up in Brooklyn before hitting the road to Maine for Mimi’s Wedding Weekend…The weather was perfection in Kennebunkport, ME for the July 4th weekend and Mr & Mrs Fox got hitched complete with musical toasts to each other and a choreographed group dance…of course ( theater folks. ) A stop in Peabody  to see camera shy P. and back to Brooklyn to take care of a little business for me.

next up: Rhode Island!

biggest challenge: taking it easy

new experience: airbnb… i’ve airbnb’d a lot taking the whole place but never as a shared situation…as someone who has lived alone for the better part of 15 years i wasn’t sure how i would feel about sharing a space especially someone else’s ( A STRANGER! )  who is opening their home up to me. all in all…i have realized about myself that i am ok around strangers and shared spaces… after all, i did sleep on the trail with a whole lot of strange folks and dogs in strange places. ( more on that later… )

well, i think i am caught up.  i am sure i am forgetting stuff… but that is why i try to post a daily photo or two. xokQ.


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