when life hands you lemons…

the last 6 weeks have been like playing whack a mole. there’s the little day to day annoyances and then there is: 2 biopsies ( so far so good ), a little surgery, trying to sort out a strategy for aK and home base bklyn while making a transition, storage/stoop sales & keeping only what is needed and that has purpose, the unexpected death of an uncle only 12 years older than i…trying to keep a business running, trying to keep income coming in…health insurance premiums, deductables, car insurance premiums ( & now deductables ), happy clients…less than happy client, trying to hold it all together, stay positive, be a good person and do the right thing but today the line was drawn in the sand.  

some jerk hit my parked car overnight ( & no they didn’t leave a note )  

i am so thankful for the incredible support the people in my life have showered me with these last weeks… without it i surely would have had a nervous breakdown… or ten. today i started the day annoyed but laughing in the face of the “challenge of the day” NY threw at me… of course someone smashed into my parked car. i picked myself up & with the help of amazing friends pulled it together and was able to keep dinner plans in providence with two of my dearest friends and ended the day with waterfire and a game of cribbage. 

i am not sure what the lesson is here but i have filled my dealing with adversity & challenge bucket so universe… QUIT IT. 

yours truly,


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