48 hours in rhody.

providence:rhode island.

They say the state is 3% bigger at low tide…for a small state it packs a lot in and the last few days felt like a whirlwind.

After a pretty crappy morning ( my parked car was hit overnight on the street in brooklyn, someone is going to have really shitty karma ) i pulled it together and didn’t let it ruin a planned quick trip to PVD to see K & K.  the three of us have been friends since before we could vote…and as we are all only children we look after each other like sisters.

Generally it is a food tour when we meet up…this was no different.  we started at the Garden Grille & Wildflour for dessert to kick off the weekend.  sunday FUNday kicked off with brunch at the WestSide Diner and off to Newport!

Waterfire is not to be missed… it is a festival of fire and art along the canal in providence…the handmade markets are filled with treasures by local artists and is a great place to cross a few holiday gifts off your list!  Volunteering for this event is on my list of things I would like to do…floating along the canal stoking the fires as music is played on a crisp fall night…bliss!

The National Museum of American Illustration is housed in one of the many spectacular mansions of Newport and features a collection celebrating the golden age of american illustration…currently there is an exhibition featuring Norman Rockwell that is fantastic!

After touring around a bit we stopped by the Sachuest Point and National Wildlife Preserve  which was really a gem in my opinion…and then a stop at Flo’s Clam Shack serving up seafood since 1936!

There were a few rounds of cribbage in a heated tournament that will be ongoing between K’s husband J and I as I practice for the winter and a few rounds on the trail.

By the time I was leaving on monday morning I had forgotten how crappy the weekend started…sometimes all you need in life are a few laughs, a little salt air and time with your besties.

Quick stop at Julian’s for breakfast and a Seven Stars coffee for the road…

xoxo friends 4 EVA!



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