Road trip weekend continued with M up the coast to Providence…we were on a mission to eat a delicious lunch at the Grange, a spot I had taken her to last fall and we have wanted to return.  I am not a vegetarian but many of my dearest friends are and although I enjoy a delicious steak now and then I equally dig eating clean and healthy…this is easy in a town like Providence where the vegetarian options are not only plentiful but incredibly satisfying to the point most carnivores wouldn’t even miss the meat!  As we bookended our drive up and back the coast with stops in pvd for lunch both ways this post is a Quade’s Fave of Vegetarian fare in Rhody.

The Grange – excellent for lunch, brunch and dinner…mocktails as well as cocktails if you are up for imbibing.  this time around i went for breakfast with the egg over rice option however the oyster mushroom po’boy is not to be missed

Garden Grille – there is not a wrong move when it comes to this menu.  i tend to be a create of habit if i find something i like at a restaurant i go to often…for being a non resident of rhody i do frequent this spot just about every time i pass through.  the butternut squash quesidilla, the reggie’s raw heaven, the korean bbQ sietan… seriously people….just go!

and then head next door… Wildflour Bakery is the perfect stop before getting back on the road to pick up a coffee and sweet treat for when the driving gets boring and you’ve sung your heart out and listened to all of the podcasts in your queue.  best vegan baked goods this side of well, hell anywhere I’ve been…

There are other PVD faves that didn’t make it on this trip but they will get an honorable mention here: Julian’s / Seven Stars Bakery / The Elmwood Diner / The West Side Diner

Now get out there and eat your way through this little state that is jam packed with goodness!  Have a favorite spot I should try?

images: The Grange 

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