keep on truckin’

Boston. Fenway Park. Dead & Co. for TWO shows!  We made it to beantown and checked into the Copley Marriott ( thanks N! ) settled in and walked on over to the show.  It was a bit strange heading through my old neighborhoods and wandering the places I used to call home with a person who is one of my best friends but had NO idea who I was then.  It was all familiar but still so much had changed in the 20 years since I moved from there.  Newbury street is less gritty, the Trident Bookstore Cafe is still there… but not much else.  We made it to Fenway Park like a homing pigeon finding their way I almost didn’t have to think about the steps we were taking as we strolled through the Fens and community gardens that was my daily commute snow, rain or sun.

Hot as Hell it was.  The show was mellow and they played like they were hot, the air was heavy and the crowd was surprisingly young.  We have been to a few shows at this point and it is interesting how every one of them is it’s own unique experience.  There were two women sitting behind us at one point when we perched in some seats that were a hoot…all in all a great night of good music and groovy vibes.  We ended the evening at a little spot M knew about called the Beehive, great late night food and live music!

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