East village. 


Blanche’s Tavern… better known as Lucy’s.  If these walls could talk! ((thankfully they can’t ))  in the mid 90’s I sat at the bar one afternoon waiting on a roommate and ended up with a job. Picture a grandmotherly Ukrainian woman who doesn’t take any guff and really doesn’t give a crap who you are…. behind the bar from sun down to sun up on the edge of alphabet city when it wasn’t so trendy to see and be seen.  I worked there off and on for years….and on the rare chance I find myself on Avenue A you bet I swing by, say hello and maybe shoot a game of pool with Lucy for old times sake… I Love Lucy.   ( & you would too. )


Women’s march anchorage edition 

I struggled with when to leave the east coast wanting to be in Washington or New York with friends for the Women’s March or to be in Alaska.  Double Rainbow!  I landed in Alaska and joined the Women’s March in Anchorage!! Along with about 4,500 others gathered at the Delaney Park Strip and marched downtown.  It felt fantastic to contribute my voice to a passionate comunity in a meaningful way.  I could have marched on the east coast, and I am so glad that so many people I know did, but it was something special to land in a place that is not quite yet home and jump in lending my support to an event that is so crucial to the future of our society.  Only 300,000 people reside in Anchorage so when 4,500 people turn out for something it is a pretty big deal… but then as I saw posts from around the country, and world I was most moved by those from around the state of Alaska… in tiny villages, towns and outposts around the state people turned out to have their voices be heard.  It may have been 1 or 5 or a dozen… in Homer is was a few hundred ( in a town of 5000 ) but the impact of those people showing up to be heard really impacted me.  We all knew I love Alaska and it will be where I settle in for a bit but that love deepened on this day and I found community.


welcome to alaska! now get your car started.  

From 69 balmy degrees on the east coast to -8 degrees in anchorage which is a haet wave given recent sub zero in the double digits temperatures in town.  I am lucky that my lovely friend Lulu is wintering on the east coast and lent me her Jeep for the winter.  The caveat is getting it started after sitting for a few months before I landed, so another friend was kind enough to dig it out a little and charge it up….that didn’t quite do the trick so… a bit more digging and a little rocking back and forth which was proving to be futile when a kind neighbor appeared with his truck and a tow strap… and voila!  The Jeep was up and running and free of the snow pile… off I go!

Lessons Learned:  Alaskans are kind and helpful when they see a fellow human needs a hand.  We all need a hand sometime and my chance to pay it forward will come soon enough.  It’s pretty friggin cold. oh, and always carry a tow strap, shovel and extra mittens with you.


cold feet… warm heart?

One of the things that I try to avoid at all costs is my feet being cold.  Spending hours outside at subfreezing temps can made this task a bit challenging and it is often one of the questions I get asked most… how do you stay warm?  Well, on the left are Bunny Boots and on the right are Steger Mukluks.… each works in different situations but overall one of these two pairs of boots are on my feet all winter long.  Throw in a hand warmer when it gets below -10 and it’s like a little toaster for the toes.