welcome to alaska! now get your car started.  

From 69 balmy degrees on the east coast to -8 degrees in anchorage which is a haet wave given recent sub zero in the double digits temperatures in town.  I am lucky that my lovely friend Lulu is wintering on the east coast and lent me her Jeep for the winter.  The caveat is getting it started after sitting for a few months before I landed, so another friend was kind enough to dig it out a little and charge it up….that didn’t quite do the trick so… a bit more digging and a little rocking back and forth which was proving to be futile when a kind neighbor appeared with his truck and a tow strap… and voila!  The Jeep was up and running and free of the snow pile… off I go!

Lessons Learned:  Alaskans are kind and helpful when they see a fellow human needs a hand.  We all need a hand sometime and my chance to pay it forward will come soon enough.  It’s pretty friggin cold. oh, and always carry a tow strap, shovel and extra mittens with you.


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