Wild scoops 

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside Alaskans love their ice cream… it’s true.  I personally am having a torrid affair with Wild Scoops…. their scoop shop opened downtown this summer and it is less than 2 blocks from the Boardroom where kerry Quade creative’s Alaskan Outpost is located… yikes!  The scoop shop is on a little hiatus for November but they were sure to let us all know that the test kitchen is up and running and stocking the freezers around town. It looks like I’ll be making a stop at La Bodega ( like that wasn’t happening anyway… )

oh, that is the blueberry in the photo… the color, I know right?!




I forage and Leah dreams up delicious dinners.  A loaf of Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop sourdough was the perfect vehicle for Alaskan side stripe shrimp  set on a schemer of  lemon ricotta and dressed with sautéed fiddlehead ferns that I had foraged earlier in the day on a hike in Girdwood.

Waking up. 

Middle Way Cafe. 

I am a breakfast person… and not in a carb loading i need pancakes and french toast kinda way but a dose of protien and eggs are always a good start for me.  I found a sweet little cafe in a strip mall ( yes, i know ) that doesn’t mind if you pop open your laptop for a bit, have a cup of coffee and savour their (mostly vegetarian ) menu.  I have yet to have an off meal or sub par service so this one is a winner! Middle Way Cafe for the win. 

PS… also digging the local art that rotates on the walls, there is an opening tonight for Hailey Morgan’s show Creatures and Habitats. 

6-8pm with live music by Miguel & Whitney.

East village. 


Blanche’s Tavern… better known as Lucy’s.  If these walls could talk! ((thankfully they can’t ))  in the mid 90’s I sat at the bar one afternoon waiting on a roommate and ended up with a job. Picture a grandmotherly Ukrainian woman who doesn’t take any guff and really doesn’t give a crap who you are…. behind the bar from sun down to sun up on the edge of alphabet city when it wasn’t so trendy to see and be seen.  I worked there off and on for years….and on the rare chance I find myself on Avenue A you bet I swing by, say hello and maybe shoot a game of pool with Lucy for old times sake… I Love Lucy.   ( & you would too. )


saturday night vinyl…in Providence!



Providence!  A few days in Providence means some quality time with Kim, Jere and the Kitty Crew… along with a mini food tour and some snowy good times in the park! This time we tried a few new ( to me ) places… Ogie’s Trailer Park has super fun vintage decor that is a throwback to the 1950’s space age style.  The food situation is an order at the window and they bring it to your table while the drinks come directly from the bar.  The menu is a selection of grilled cheeses along with Tater Tots. Yep. Tots.  It’s pretty straight forward but it is all done well and worth adding to the Kim, Kara and Kerry Providence Food Tour list. Hmmm… maybe that should be a post that gets updated now and then… we’ll get back to that one.  Before the blizzard set in we ran a few errands and stopped at Olga’s Cup & Saucer for brunch.  The donuts!  I know it’s a thing now but they were really good!  Service was great and the food was delish! We’ll be back for sure.  We rounded out the weekend cooking at home while the snow fell outside.  It was Saturday night so of course there was some vinyl on the record player… this time we went with Sinatra to go along with the Italian feast we prepared.  Of course there was frolicking in the snow to follow!



New Year’s Eve always comes with a ton of pressure…especially living in NYC for the last two decades.  There was that one year I went to Times Sq. only with an invite to the Mayor’s party under police escort pre 9/11… and those nights spent slinging drinks from behind a bar in the east village and then, my most favorite one was a last minute decision to run a midnight road race through Prospect Park with a friend; but for the most part it’s a bust.  The pressure of what to do, where to go, who to go with and well, that dreaded hour when the clock strikes the witching hour ( if one is still awake ) when there is no one to smooch, sitting on the couch with a glass of bubbles watching the ball drop on TV that is happening just a few subway stops away is really awful. You might think it is immpossible to feel lonely in a city of eight and a half million people but it can be the loneliest of place.

This time around, in the middle of my ‘gap year’ I housesat for friends traveling to Mexico City and hung out with their fur beasts… Duke & Claudia outside of the city in NY.  They were the best New Year’s Eve dates a gal could ask for!  The next morning ( totally not hungover ) I headed into the city for an annual brunch tradition with Providence Kim where we rehash the year and dream of the days ahead.  The Mermaid Inn was our pick this time around and it did not dissapoint! Excellent service and wonderful brunch followed by a stroll around the upper west side and a catch up before we both head off into the unknown adventures and misadventures 2017 was going to be hurling at us. Stay tuned…