welcome to alaska! now get your car started.  

From 69 balmy degrees on the east coast to -8 degrees in anchorage which is a haet wave given recent sub zero in the double digits temperatures in town.  I am lucky that my lovely friend Lulu is wintering on the east coast and lent me her Jeep for the winter.  The caveat is getting it started after sitting for a few months before I landed, so another friend was kind enough to dig it out a little and charge it up….that didn’t quite do the trick so… a bit more digging and a little rocking back and forth which was proving to be futile when a kind neighbor appeared with his truck and a tow strap… and voila!  The Jeep was up and running and free of the snow pile… off I go!

Lessons Learned:  Alaskans are kind and helpful when they see a fellow human needs a hand.  We all need a hand sometime and my chance to pay it forward will come soon enough.  It’s pretty friggin cold. oh, and always carry a tow strap, shovel and extra mittens with you.


cold feet… warm heart?

One of the things that I try to avoid at all costs is my feet being cold.  Spending hours outside at subfreezing temps can made this task a bit challenging and it is often one of the questions I get asked most… how do you stay warm?  Well, on the left are Bunny Boots and on the right are Steger Mukluks.… each works in different situations but overall one of these two pairs of boots are on my feet all winter long.  Throw in a hand warmer when it gets below -10 and it’s like a little toaster for the toes.

gear bag. 


Being on the run and needing to schlep things around for awhile I have been searching for the right car top carrier… with limited space to store anything I decided the hard Thule style carriers were not the way to go and found this soft car top bag.  The Sherpak GO! has been great!  It is easily stored when not in use and holds a TON of stuff… I don’t find it creating much of a drag on the highway and there is hardly any flapping even when not stuffed full.  I totally recommend this one for anyone looking for a soft sided car top carrier.  I picked this one up from REI and added to my member dividend at the same time!

gear bag. 

welcome to my winter gear bag.

everyone has those things that they carry with them on their adventures…instead of dumping out my purse so you can see my favorite shade of lipgloss i’m dumping out my gear bag.

by the way it is clinique glosswear…sweet tooth 😉

kQ staples when packing for winter in aK:

bunny boots

Xtra tuffs ( any season really )

OR mitts

smart wool everything!

smith goggles

princeton tec headlamp

of course there are other bits and pieces in there but those are some of my must haves… what’s in your gear bag?

tell us and share a photo, we like to make friends on the trail, and maybe there will be little trail gear coming your way!