Wild scoops 

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside Alaskans love their ice cream… it’s true.  I personally am having a torrid affair with Wild Scoops…. their scoop shop opened downtown this summer and it is less than 2 blocks from the Boardroom where kerry Quade creative’s Alaskan Outpost is located… yikes!  The scoop shop is on a little hiatus for November but they were sure to let us all know that the test kitchen is up and running and stocking the freezers around town. It looks like I’ll be making a stop at La Bodega ( like that wasn’t happening anyway… )

oh, that is the blueberry in the photo… the color, I know right?!




End of the road.. Talkeetna.  while we were planning for a day hike but we ended up wandering around town. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Talkeetna over the years as has Sara however; we each had our own favorite gems around town and decided to share our favorites.  We started with a short trail at the end of the road that takes you down to the river and up to the railroad bridge eventually swinging around into town behind the famed Fairview Inn.  After poking through a local artisan gallery we had a quick lunch at the Wildflower Cafe owned by Iditarod musher Jerome Longo and then decided to head out of town and find a new trail to explore.  Down and just off the spur road are a few state park trails that we found to be a good but easy hike.  Bear spray and dinner bells on hand we tackled on of the loops and will be back for the other next time!

must do’s:

place to stay – The Talkeetna Roadhouse… and make sure to stop in the bakery. the lil’ cabin in the back is a Quade’s Fave!  individual rooms, hostel style bunks… many options!

libations -grab a beer at the Fairview Inn. Historic Inn with live music.

handmade gifts – Dancing Leaf Gallery

National Parks Ranger Station – make sure to catch the video all climbers must watch before heading out on their Denali expedition… & get your NPS passport stamp!






I forage and Leah dreams up delicious dinners.  A loaf of Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop sourdough was the perfect vehicle for Alaskan side stripe shrimp  set on a schemer of  lemon ricotta and dressed with sautéed fiddlehead ferns that I had foraged earlier in the day on a hike in Girdwood.