Waking up. 

Middle Way Cafe. 

I am a breakfast person… and not in a carb loading i need pancakes and french toast kinda way but a dose of protien and eggs are always a good start for me.  I found a sweet little cafe in a strip mall ( yes, i know ) that doesn’t mind if you pop open your laptop for a bit, have a cup of coffee and savour their (mostly vegetarian ) menu.  I have yet to have an off meal or sub par service so this one is a winner! Middle Way Cafe for the win. 

PS… also digging the local art that rotates on the walls, there is an opening tonight for Hailey Morgan’s show Creatures and Habitats. 

6-8pm with live music by Miguel & Whitney.

April Fool. 

How do we mourn someone we’ve never met?

An only child in a single parent household in the 70’s had its challenges for everyone.  My father cut out early in my life and I never had the opportunity to know him, until he was dead.

April 1, 2004 is the day he died… the fact he died on April Fools Day seems fitting somehow.

I learned he had a brother who had 2 children and all of the sudden there were cousins and new family members.

I learned he had lived a let’s call it “colorful life”  in the Florida keys as a commercial fisherman.

I learned he never remarried or had any other children so I was it… end of the line.

So that’s it.  There’s not much else to the story except this day full of pranks and jokes comes along each year and every time I wake up on this day I wonder how I am supposed to mourn for a man I never met.