I read the daily horoscope and  when in Salem I’ll swing by pyramid books and get my cards read now and then… I am not sure if it helps or hurts but I find it interesting.

Yesterday’s horrorscope really touched on something that I’ve always struggled with… believing in my abilities and trusting in myself and the universe.  Yea, still working on that…

The horrorscope: The keys to your success will come through trusting your own spiritual guidance, remaining confident in your own talents, and believing that the universe has good things in store for you. It doesn’t matter what others think, and some of the most eccentric ideas in this world have been the most successful.

old haunts.

Day Two in Boston we ventured up to the North Shore and made a stop in Salem, MA…infamous for witches and my hometown.  It was fun to take Mel around where I had grown up and I learned something new – she is fascinated with the spirit world and was totally into stopping by Pyramid Books for a card reading with Doug.  Of course we followed that up with a round of oysters and lunch at Sea Level to discuss what the cards had held for us…. wouldn’t you like to know lol.

We headed back to town in time to grab a quick cocktail with an industry friend, event planner Tammy Golson, for a catch up and then off to Fenway for the second night of Dead & Co which was a rocking evening and I think my favorite show of the ones I have seen… the energy was electric and the ballpark was packed.

Next door to Fenway is the old Howard Johnson’s now called The Verb after undergoing a sweet reno, we landed here post show for a bite to eat and nightcap before heading back to crash.  Stellar service and really delicious late night menu…totally a hit!  Thank you Hojoko!!

When we got off the elevator there was a bridesmaid’s boquet randomly tossed aside and laying on the floor… it was a funny end to a great weekend for two event professionals who are usually the ones making sure every detail of someone’s big day is attended to… we stepped over the floral and kept on truckin’ … until next time!