welcome to alaska! now get your car started.  

From 69 balmy degrees on the east coast to -8 degrees in anchorage which is a haet wave given recent sub zero in the double digits temperatures in town.  I am lucky that my lovely friend Lulu is wintering on the east coast and lent me her Jeep for the winter.  The caveat is getting it started after sitting for a few months before I landed, so another friend was kind enough to dig it out a little and charge it up….that didn’t quite do the trick so… a bit more digging and a little rocking back and forth which was proving to be futile when a kind neighbor appeared with his truck and a tow strap… and voila!  The Jeep was up and running and free of the snow pile… off I go!

Lessons Learned:  Alaskans are kind and helpful when they see a fellow human needs a hand.  We all need a hand sometime and my chance to pay it forward will come soon enough.  It’s pretty friggin cold. oh, and always carry a tow strap, shovel and extra mittens with you.


cream puff. 



the holy grail of dessert… the cream puff.

This isn’t just any cream puff, this is the order ahead or you aren’t getting one Kitchen Roselli Cream Puff in East Bend, NC.

Make a reservation and get yourself to this little gem of homespun goodness where you are treated like family and dinner there is just like heading to Grandma’s for Sunday Supper.